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Mr. Mark Setter is a decal adhesive used for ensuring a firm attachment of decals to painted surfaces. It is especially effective for older decals that have lost their adhesive quality or for decals with inherently weak adhesion. It also softens decals slightly, aiding in their application.

To use Mr. Mark Setter, apply a small amount to the area where the decal is to be placed, then position the decal on top of it. The adhesive helps the decal adhere to the paint surface and reduces the likelihood of peeling after drying. Be cautious with the amount applied, as excessive use can lead to rapid softening of the decal or potential damage to the paint surface.

Applying Mr. Mark Setter over a placed decal can also be effective, but it is primarily designed for use under the decal. The product is water-soluble, so diluting it with water can temper its effects and prevent rapid softening. Depending on the type of paint and decal, diluting it before use may be advisable.

After applying the decal, gently press it down with a dampened Mr. Cotton Swab, Mr. Clean Stick 2, or a lint-free cloth to ensure it conforms well to the surface. Wipe off excess Mr. Mark Setter with water to prevent over-softening. Using a dampened swab can neutralize the setter and prevent the decal from becoming too soft.

If a decal is particularly stiff and does not soften easily, apply a small amount of MS231 Mr. Mark Softer on top of it to aid in softening. Be careful not to over-apply.

To address air bubbles (silvering) between the decal and the part, after the decal has dried, carefully puncture the decal with a needle or design knife. Then, reapply Mr. Mark Softer to soften the decal again, which helps eliminate bubbles and ensures better adhesion.

One method to prevent silvering is to finish the base for the decal with a glossy surface.

The formula for Mr. Mark Setter has been redesigned with environmentally friendly components. Changes include:

  1. The adhesive has been changed from an emulsion resin-based adhesive to an acrylic resin-based adhesive, improving adhesion. This prevents decals from being lifted by masking tape after applying a glossy clear coat.

  2. The softening performance has been enhanced.

  3. The solvent has a stronger effect on water-based hobby colors, particularly noticeable when the paint has not dried sufficiently. Avoid applying large amounts and dilute with water to reduce solvent power.

The dilution ratio depends on the drying time of the paint film, the amount used, and the wiping method, but approximately 30% dilution is recommended.

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